Information about the training

We are holding our own training workshop - a talent factory - for up to 12 trainees enabling us to forward required knowledge at the right time. Trainees who complete their internships or voluntary internships with us especially in the field of tool mechanic are supervised by the trainees of the first and second year of apprenticeship in conjunction with a full-time trainer.

The training workshop also coordinates all apprentices or trainees throughout the company. A rolling central schedule controls the internship assignments and the training.

Each apprentice is challenged and encouraged as individually as possible. Our educational appraisal system provides us with all relevant information. Since 2017 the education includes keeping an electronically done report booklet. Of advantage is that all those involved in the training process may have a look in the report booklet of any trainee at any time even if the trainee is not on site.

Schnoering crosslinked

We are in a cooperation with the “Technical College” in Luedenscheid. In this partnership many possibilities for joint development of specialists and executives are being brought up. Furthermore we cooperate with the “Primus School” in Schalksmuehle, a school with a different learning concept complementing the exchange we established with other schools such as the Ganztagshauptschule Stadtpark in Luedenscheid or the Sekundarschule Halver.

In the field of courses we work closely with the SIHK training workshop in Luedenscheid or the “Society of Stamping and Forming Technology” in Dortmund. News about us can be found either on our website or by visiting our Facebook Fanpage.

How can I apply for a job at Schnoering?

If you are applying by email please consider to state the jobs name in the subject line, e.g. “Application for trainee as industrial mechanic”.

Please forward the application PDF or MS-Word formated and enclose your personal documents properly named, e.g.: “cv.pdf” or “trainee_certificate.pdf”.

We also should be glad to get to know how we caught your attention. This helps us to learn more of the most used ways to place targeted information about us and our career possibilities.

Please use the following email address for your application to