Stable processes in manufacturing of stamped bending parts

We meet the high demands of our customers for stamped bending parts we produce. And so precision and quality are the most important factors. A prerequisite for ensuring this is the process stability during the production of the stamped bending parts.

Especially with large quantities we can ensure with a high degree of process stability the quality of our products remains constant. This is what our customers can rely on. Even difficult specifications such as the use of high-strength material, very thin material or non-rusting material can be implemented reliably. To optimally integrate these process parameters right from the start we can assist our customers during the development of the stamped bending parts on request.

Stamped bending parts with Bihler and Bruderer

Two different production technologies are available for the production of customized stamped bending parts. Depending on the geometry and design of the stamped bending parts the product is either produced on a Bihler machine or on a Bruderer machine.

The tools required for this are developed, planned and realized by our own construction and toolmaking departments. Through this inhouse technical possibilities we can ensure that the tool and the production concept is implemented economically and at the highest technical level.


  • More than 50 Bihler and Bruderer machines
  • Use of high-strength, very thin and non-rusting materials
  • Material thicknesses of approx. 0.1 - 2.0 mm
  • Own construction and toolmaking departments