Our springs

Springs - Pressure springs, tension springs, leg springs

The roots of Schnoering GmbH are in wire processing. Since 1926 we have dedicated our lives to the production of various types such as compression springs, tension springs and leg springs.

The springs manufactured by us stand for highest precision and complex requirements. On request we support your projects already during the development. Our technical teams are ready with our know-how to work with you and to develop the perfect spring. The following sample and series production produces the desired spring in the required quantity.

Springs for various applications

Every industry has its own requirements. These requirements are also valid for C-parts what our springs mostly are. We are aware of this and for this reason we have focused on the production of customized springs.

Regular springs according to standard are no part of Schnoering's product range. Only in this way we can guarantee that our customers will receive the spring that meets all their requirements showing the right functionality.


  • Development and manufacturing of pressure springs, tension springs and leg springs
  • Wire diameter approx. 0.1 - 2.0 mm
  • Use of different materials: carbon, high-strength stainless steels and non-ferrous metals
  • Heat treatment and various surfaces
  • Sample production

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