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High diversity of the leg spring

Whether torsion spring or leg spring - the field of application for these types of springs is multiple. For our customers we evaluate, develop and produce e.g. leg springs with wire diameters of about 0.2 to 1.8 mm. With our special automatic spring and coiling machines we process a cold forming production.

Usually the product is manufactured fully automatically in the type requested by the customer. For this purpose especially made tools are being used. And so is the material adapted to the customer's requirements - from regular carbon material through non-ferrous metals to high-strength non-rusting wires. In addition to round wires special formats are processed such as flat wire or square wire meeting special requirements in the customer's assemblies.

Posttreatment of the leg spring

The application of a leg spring is different. From use in door hinges in furniture over seat adjusters in motor vehicles to current-carrying elements in fuse switches in the electrical industry there are hardly any limits to their application.

In order to meet the respective purpose of use different methods of posttreatment are chosen. These includes e.g. tempering, shot peening and special surfaces leading to a functioning end product.

We help our customers to select the correct spring type and support them in the application-specific design of the leg spring. For this purpose we use a specially developed software to optimize the design of the spring. Especially the individualization of spring types makes us a strong development partner.


  • Wire diameter 0.2 - 1.8 mm
  • Processing of carbon wires, high-strength stainless steels as well as non-ferrous metals
  • Different surfaces and heat treatment
  • Sample production