Expertise Sauerland - pure competence

The group of companies “Expertise Sauerland” is an association of eight medium-sized suppliers from the Sauerland region. The complementary manufacturing technologies of the partners range from plastics and metal processing to joint module assembly. Thus the Expertise Sauerland offers a diverse product and technology portfolio all from a single source.

The goal of the Competence Network is to offer the know-how in the field of plastics processing and metal processing, stamping, forming and stamping and bending technology, turning and milling technology as well as tool construction across the industry. For example complex assemblies containing a variety of individual parts made of metal or plastic can be realized by the members of Expertise Sauerland. Schnoering is a founding member of the competence network in the Sauerland region and therefore involved right from the start.

Expertise Sauerland - strong partners

The Expertise Sauerland contain of eight strong partners whose competencies allow a diversity in production. The partners include the following companies:

  • Mayweg GmbH - plastic processing
  • Wilhelm Manz GmbH & Co. KG - large and complex stamped and formed parts of striped material up to 10.0 mm
  • Hans Schriever GmbH & Co. KG - thread forming screws and complex drawing parts
  • Kohlhage Fasteners GmbH & Co. KG - welding nuts and inserts
  • Kohlhage Automotive GmbH & Co. KG - media leading pipelines and functional assemblies
  • Sundwiger Drehtechnik GmbH - precision turned and milled parts
  • VDF Vogtland GmbH fertigt - springs with large dimensions of 20.0 mm
  • Schnoering completes the association Expertise Sauerland focussing on spring technique, stamping and bending technique as well as wire bending parts