Our technical core element - construction and tool making

Our customers can expect a complete solution when implementing their projects. For this our construction and tool making departments contribute to the stamped bending parts and wire bending parts. In the construction the concepts for the tools are developed and created according to the project specifications.

Our in-house tool making is then the center of the technical implementation.

However, at Schnoering tool making also has another important function - all running tools are regularly repaired and maintained in this department to assure our customers a consistent quality. As a manufacturer of bent wire parts and stamped bending parts this is a basic prerequisite to guarantee a stable and safe series production.

Modern tool making

A modern machine park is available for the production, maintenance and repair. Multi-axis machining centers, EDM and milling machines are supplemented by basic equipment such as hardening furnaces, lathes and drilling machines. In addition to the machines the employees in our tool making department are our potential.

Our very special production technology from Bihler requires a high level of know-how. For this reason, we are increasingly training specialists in this area in order to be equipped with the right personnel in the future.


  • Construction software CAD-NX-Siemens PLM
  • Multi-axis machining centers, EDM and milling machines
  • Construction: 6 employees
  • Tool making: 25 employees