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Assemblies - from simple to complex

Historically seen Schnoering comes from the production of individual parts. Today the product portfolio contains a high proportion of assemblies. This challenging subject of assembly requires a high level of know-how about our customer’s products.

Only this enables us to understand the later functionality to implement it into the development of the module. Close cooperation in development and later realization is therefore a certainty for us.

Our products of wire and bending technology, stamping and bending technology as well as spring technology are integrated in assemblies. Schnoering produces joints in metal-metal and metal-plastic. In support of assemblies further competences of the partner companies of the Sauerland Expertise may be used.

Assemblies for any industry

The portfolio of our assembly production is generated from the core competencies of our individual part production and other assembly elements such as screws, rivets or plastic elements. Each industry has its own complex and specific requirements for the assemblies.

For example these include mechanical requirements in the furniture industry or electromechanical requirements in the electrical industry. The state-of-the-art machinery at Schnoering is universally applicable resulting in a broad mix of sub-assemblies.

Mastering process integration for different material requirements as well as joining techniques of different components and technologies (e.g. clinching, riveting, welding, screwing) enables us to implement industry-specific requirements for assembly manufacturing.

In assembly development and manufacturing Schnoering GmbH is a reliable worldwide partner for a large variety of industries and branches.


  • Customized assemblies for springs, stamped bending parts and wire bending parts
  • Metal-metal and metal-plastic compounds
  • On request close cooperation already during the development phase