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Schnoering is a leading manufacturer of stamped and bent parts as well as springs for numerous industrial applications, especially for the electrical industry. We have more than 85 years experience in the manufacture of leg springs and also produce a wide range of compression springs for the medical industry.

As an experienced manufacturer, our company has longstanding and profound expertise in producing and developing springs in various forms and for numerous fields of application, including wire springs, compression springs, conical metal springs, plunger springs, leg springs and tension springs. Schnöring offers a broad range of services and solutions for the electrical industry and also for the field of stamping technology with the production of springs and stamped and bent parts as well as assemblies, earthing clips, circuit breakers, locking springs, switch contacts and springs mature for serial production in accordance with customers individual design requirements. The high standard of product safety and quality for electrical industry applications is our core business and that which sets us apart. With many years of development know-how we manufacture even the most precise plunger springs in small assemblies. With more than 85 years of experience, Schnöring is among the foremost producers of leg springs. We also manufacture aerosol compression springs at extremely high output rates in both small and large batches. As spring manufacturers we also offer a wide range of individually tailored compression springs, as required. The stamped and bent parts we produce for the field of health care are also made with the same high degree of reliability.